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Be Prepared part 2

Being prepared to take advantage of opportunity works for the portraits of my grandchildren as well as chance circumstances while photographing in the garden. The story of the image posted here is also covered in my Macro book but I think it is worth repeating. While shooting some images of the morning glories, I noticed [...]

Be Prepared – part 1

Photographing children is a specialty for which my nervous system is not suited. But Linda and I are blessed with four grandchildren so it is a challenge of love. Two years ago, right around Christmas, ‘we’ decided that I try to shoot portrait of Emma, Christopher and new born Nicholas. I set up some strobes(flash) [...]

Winter Doesn’t Have To Be Cold

When I got up Sunday morning and looked outside, I was treated to a view of a soft blanket of snow covering the garden. I grabbed my camera, a zoom lens, a tripod and a blank flash card and ran outside. The light was just starting in the back corner of my yard and I [...]

Light & Dark

Last summer Linda and I were on a trip of a lifetime – cruising the inside passage in Alaska. While the days were mostly cloudy, rainy and overcast, we were enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t seem to notice. It was spectacular. One evening as we were getting ready to go to supper, the sky [...]


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