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Lens Choice

Do you have a favorite lens? You know, the first lens you grab out of the camera bag. Do you always reach for a wide angle lens for landscapes and the telephoto for sports and wildlife? We are creatures of habit but there are times that our habits can block creativity. One day, shortly after [...]


It seems strange to title this post the way I did. After all, it isn’t as if we are overloaded with good news lately. More layoffs, more closings and more of the same. (This past week, I heard that the Norhtwest Flower show and the San Francisco Flower show were closing.) But three reasons popped [...]

Look Ma No hands!!!!

I captured this image of potato vine leaves in 2005. It is actually one leaf in the midst of many. Getting all the leaves in the frame sharp was impossible. As John Shaw replied to a student (not me) over 25 years ago, who wanted to use Kodachrome 25 and get everything sharp front to [...]


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