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Book Signings, Lectures & Workshops

Our teaching/lecture/book signing schedule has increased to ten programs from April to October this year. We knew that the publication of the Macro book would result in more appearances and that we would have to create new multimedia programs. In anticipation of building new programs, we bought the rights for new and better music. Then, [...]

Highlights & Shadows

When film ruled the camera world, direct sunlight could rob a flower of its color and vitality on the final image. Film wasn’t able to handle the extreme contrast between sun highlights and the shadows. To overcome this fault, it was common practice to use a diffuser to soften the harsh sunlight on blossoms. In [...]

Philadelphia Flower Show

Many of you have heard about the sad news regarding the strong possibility of the NW Flower Show and the San Francisco Flower show closing after this year. One of the flower shows in the Boston area canceled this year. Happily the Philadelphia Flower Show, the largest indoor flower show in the world, is still [...]


This blog is dedicated to digital photography, gardens and nature. Information on travel, equipment, dates of future workshops and lectures, new books, tips and blogs we visit as well as pdf downloads may all be included.


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