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True Blue at Longwood

Posted on | May 1, 2012 | No Comments

In early March, Linda & I visited Longwood Gardens ( to shoot the Meconopsis in the conservatory. Meconopsis is one of the few true blue flowers. It also happens to be very photographic. As we turned the corner to the display, we were greeted by a dozen or so other photographers with the same idea. Not a camera club, we were told, but groups of shooters that had been waiting for the blossoms to peak. A quick look and we decided to wait for the numbers to thin out. An hour and a half later only one or two shooters were still at it.

I walked along looking for my shot. I wanted good lighting on the main blossom with a few blossoms in a darker background. The delay caused by the number of photographers actually worked for our benefit. The sun had moved around and now cast a shadow along the back of one section. I found an angle where one blossom was still backlit and one or two other blossoms were in shade. A little juggling with the tripod to get the position I wanted and we were set. I increased the ISO to 250 to get a faster shutter speed to help compensate for the movement causedd by the fans. I locked up the mirror, waited for a pause in blossom movement and pressed the shutter. This image was captured with the 180mm macro lens shot at f11 for 1/6th of a second with +2/3 exposure compensation.

One of the keys to getting good images is to be flexible. Shooting the Mecononsis was such an exercise Рchanging light, accesibility to the subject and looking for other possibilities all came into play. I ended with three images that met my expectations. Next time you run into unexpected conditions, regroup and look for alternatives.

September 9-15. Maine Media Workshop, Rockport, Maine Macro Photography.


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