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Gesture Plus Light

Posted on | May 30, 2012 | No Comments

Quite a few years ago, I took a photography workshop in Santa Fe ( with Arthur Meyerson. Arthur ( is one of the top corporate shooters as well as being a great teacher. He stressed looking for that element in an image that elevated it out of the ordinary. It could be ‘in your face’ or it could be subtle. He called it Gesture.  Since that workshop, I have always tried to incorporate gesture in my images. I’ve also passed on Arthurs sage advice to my students.

This past March I had the opportunity of combining gesture with dramatic lighting. I was shooting at NYBG ( ) and found a group of Euphorbias with the new spring growth nodding toward the sun. “Hello Gesture”  The side lighting highlighted the growth nicely but also brushed across a very busy background. I came back after two hours and saw that the sun had moved slightly behind the plants and threw the problematic backgound into shadow.  I set up with a 90mm T&S lens at f16. I tilted the lens slightly on the horizontal axis to get  the nodding ‘Gestures’ in the same focus plane.  One eighth of a second exposure and we were done. Gesture plus Lighting. Thanks Arthur.

Maine Media Workshops – Rockport, Maine. September 9-15 Macro Workshop


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