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Macro Photography Workshop

Posted on | June 21, 2012 | No Comments

Are you serious about macro photography? A great way to improve while spending time with others who love macro is to attend a workshop.  If you can manage a week-long workshop, so much the better! We have had many requests to describe what’s involved in a workshop like this.  I thought it might be a good idea to show the schedule for our macro week at a Maine Media Workshop in Rockport, Maine.

The week starts Sunday evening with a social get together and a schedule of the plans and travel locations for the week.

Monday morning begins with a class review session of each student’s work.  Everyone is asked to come prepared with a few images they would like to share. The entire class is  involved  - sharing opinions, asking questions and learning some of the maker’s reasoning. On Tuesday through Thursday morning, the images in the review sessions are chosen from the photo shoots the day before. Because the class is all together on the afternoon photo shoots each day, the review sessions are full of comments like “I didn’t see that!” or “I tried to take that but your angle is much better”. The review time spent helps to expand photographic horizons, look at different ways to create an image and create a more critical eye. While this may sound very serious, the mornings are generally filled with laughter and mutual respect for fellow classmates.

The morning concludes with a lecture and presentation. Monday is a general lecture on macro. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are more specific talks covering equipment, exposure, depth of field, lighting, composition and digital workflow. By this time everyone is ready for a delicious lunch provided by Maine Media. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included and provide an opportunity to interact with students involved in all the different course offerings.

After lunch we travel to different shooting locations. We are planning shooting sessions at a nature preserve, an antique market, a lighthouse and tidal pool at low tide, and the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. During the afternoon, I work one-on -one with each student as well as giving demonstrations  of equipment and technique if the class is interested. Suggested assignments are given for each day. There is also an evening session during the week where the workshop instructors get to present their work.

Friday is the last class review session. Digital processing (Adobe Lightroom) is covered and this is the time for any questions regarding the business of photography. The afternoon is open shooting. You can either accompany the instructor  or go to a location of your choice. On Friday evening, the whole school gets together (film makers, photographers etc.) and each class is welcome to create a show with the images produced during the week. There is lots of  laughter and cheering as everyone supports their favorites.

Saturday morning is a casual get together. Frankly, by now, after a week of creative juices flowing at full speed, everyone is very tired.

I’ve said it to many of you, but I say it again. If you want to make leaps in your photography, a week-long workshop is a valuable learning experience. The Maine Media Workshops provide an outstanding supportive atmosphere for a great learning experience.  You will make new friends, laugh every day and leave with great memories.

Linda & I hope you will join us in Maine from September 9 – 15th this year.


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